My family, my pride and joy. Grateful every day for their existence.

My Likes

One of the things I like to do

Affordable fashion with high end accessories

Love to travel with my family. I find that the best time spent with your love one is when you give your full attention and listen; always making sure that there is peace and harmony in the decisions made for the family as a unit.

What feeds my soul


I appreciate nature in all its glory. Being next to the ocean feeds my souls, calms my mind and invigorates my spirit.

I appreciate my surrounding


As I walk through life, gratitude and faith have been, hand in hand the most important essence of my being. As I grow and learn, it is so easy to understand all the adversities in life. They were needed to be who I am today.

Meet my Louie

This is Louie


On July 5, I will be 11 years young and feeling great.

I am happy with my emptynester Mom


Love being the third child and the one at home making sure keeping everyone busy at the house.

I have a hashtag #milouielu


I like my morning walk, going up and down the stairs following my mom everywhere. She moves a lot so I get a lot of excersice daily.

About Me


The beauty of becoming older is that you appreciate every moment to the fullest. Life becomes about the joy of daily decisions and the comfort of knowing that you have lived according to your moral values and faith.


 In our midlife, we should strive for whats comfortable and stylish. My fashion intake is to be yourself and let your attitude and mood help you dictate your style. Classic and neutral pieces with a touch of trend and color will always be a combination for success. Simplicity and comfort are the true essence to achieve elegance. Affordable brands with high end accessories will always elevate a look.

The Emptynest Status

During our fifties, we find ourselves experiencing emptiness syndrome. As difficult as it is for a mother to find herself not needed by her children, it is also a reward of a job well done. At this time is when our furry love ones become an important part of daily activities, companionship and lots of unconditional love.


My mission is to provide women over 50 a space for inspiration via the importance of family, positive - grateful thinking, details for fashion, outfit ideas, the use of affordable brands with high end accessories and a healthy, active midlife lifestyle. All happening while living my daily real life. No photo shoots, no outfit planning, all as my day unfolds. To my younger audience, I want to inspire you to realize the importance of planting a good seed and to see it flourished into the life you want to live. There's much to see, enjoy and learn from. So, take your time, sit around, and find out how my accumulated years of  knowledge and wisdom have led me to live my best life, and so can you. I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line in any of my social media handlers. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

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